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Customers have chosen an EZ Storm Panel for a simple, affordable and attractive solution to a drafty window. Now, you can buy one for door walls and fireplaces too! Save your windows, seal out drafts. No more taping of cheap plastic. Our panels install with ease in just minutes. The U.S. Department of Energy says; “...save up to 20% to 55% of heat loss by applying plastic over a window.” It just makes dollars and sense to use our panels wherever a drafty condition exists. Save a window and use an EZ Storm Panel; a Michigan made green product. YOUR OPTION; ACRYLIC OR VINYL PANE.

They attractively blend in with your existing window treatments. They are ideal for historic homes and buildings.  Start saving immediately on your heating and cooling bills and improve home comfort for years to come.  EZ Storm Panels are the best low cost alternative to full window replacement.  Custom made interior storms are crafted with our patented aluminum frame, gaskets and quality heavy vinyl or single strength acrylic that is as clear as glass! They fit...'like a cork in a bottle' with compression gaskets in your window frame.


Is condensation a problem?
We have a solution.

  • U. S. Patent No. D672,888
  • 3/32" t. Acrylic or 16ml Vinyl, non-yellowing
  • 16 ml Clear or 20 ml smoke tint, 100% UV
  • Year to year comfort
  • Easy up & easy down
  • Save time, energy & money
  • Does not interfere with blinds
  • Frame available in three designer colors
  • Screen porches and Florida rooms are our specialty.


Noise Reduction Panels offer up to 70% reduction of dBA

New Production Offer - Noise Reduction & Energy Savings in one panel.


Seal & Caulking Provided
Excellent Craftsmanship
Window Cleaning
Historic Art Center, Mt. Clemens
Crews for large projects
Commercial Accounts in Glass

Sound Abatement is achieved with the use of .236" thick acrylic.

Do you live near a freeway?

Busy Intersection?

Barking dogs?

Construction Noise?


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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