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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So what makes your product different than the competition?

This year we can say they are totally unique!  We now have our proprietary frame and gasket that is completely made to our patent design.  No one else offers a 30 day customer satisfaction return guarantee.

I already have storm windows. Why do I need EZ Storm Panels™ ?

Outside storms are good for keeping out rain and snow. However, the popular aluminum type does not have air tight seals allowing cold drafts through the aluminum sash work.  Mounting EZ Storm Panels™ inside creates an air pocket which stops cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer.

Will EZ Storm Panels™ distract from interior window treatments?

EZ Storm Panels™ blend in with your existing moldings and are not noticeable unless pointed out by the homeowner. Our design minimizes their appearance so as to not take away from your inside window treatments.

My windows are not standard sizes – will EZ Storm Panels™ fit my windows?

EZ Storm Panels™ are custom cut and assembled at our facility to fit your window exactly. They are available for all size window openings. Windows of over 90"(United Inches) are made in two panels. This allows for ease of shipping and storage at the end of the season.

How do I clean EZ Storm Panels™?

The Vinyl Panel is easy to clean. Use a few drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle with a soft cotton towel. That's it! Never use paper towel and glass cleaner. Be certain to clean them once a year at the end of the season before they are stored. This will keep the vinyl looking new.

Will EZ Storm Panels™ hinder the use of my current window treatments such as curtains, blinds, valances, or other attachments?

For most windows, EZ Storm Panels™ will fit directly against the existing window frames and will not interfere with the window treatments. 3/4" of clearance is all that is needed for the panel to fit behind existing blinds or roller shades. The homeowner may need to remove or re-position curtain or window hardware to allow room for the panel.

Why not just buy a new window?

New windows are an expensive choice compared to EZ Storm Panels™. In most cases an EZ Storm solution can be installed for about 25% of the cost of a new $400.00 window. With new windows, interior moldings need to be stained or painted adding to the cost. EZ Storms fit inside your existing molding eliminating the need to paint or stain. EZ Storms maintain the charm and beauty of the existing windows without altering the look or decor of the home. EZ Storms save you money, time and energy without changing the exterior appearance of your home.

Can I really save enough money to pay for this investment?

Yes, every study by the U. S. Department of Energy has found that the investment is returned in energy cost savings in just a few years. The savings depend on the condition of the original windows. The more drafty the original window; the faster will be the payback. Click on the links in this website to the Department of Energy (DOE) site for added research.

Will putting these panels up and down every season be a hassle?

Not at all; the panels are designed for easy up/down installation. Mounting the EZ Storm should take only minutes.

So, why would I choose a vinyl panel instead of a new window?

It all comes down to cost. Our panel is all about saving you money. With today’s vinyl being practically as clear as glass it is a good choice for upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms, or the hallway. The 16 ml vinyl panels are also great for family rooms, Florida rooms, screened porches and fireplaces. They are just an excellent choice for stopping air infiltration.

Why should I choose an EZ Storm Panel™ over an external storm window?

Interior storm windows offer greater convenience than exterior storm windows. They're easier to install and remove; they require less maintenance because they're not exposed to the elements; and, because they seal tightly to the primary window, they're more effective at reducing air infiltration. Interior storm windows are often the best choice for apartments and houses with more than one floor. EZ Storm Panels™ remove the risk of putting storm windows up and down especially on second floors or hard to reach windows.

I’m ready for EZ Storms. Which rooms first?

Where do you and your family spend most of their time? Any room which feels cold and drafty would benefit from EZ Storms. Family rooms, dens, and bedrooms are all good first choices.

Can you help with a drafty Fireplace?

Absolutely. If you have a flat, smooth molding around you hearth we can generally affix the panel and seal tightly to the moldings. The panel will be sized to fit in the opening of the fireplace or sized to the molding that surrounds the hearth. We can account for about ¼" variation in surfaces of brick with our thermopreme gaskets.

What Warranty do you offer?

That's the great part! We offer a '30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee' if you are not completely satisfied, the panels can be returned (less cost for boxing, delivery or installation). Further, we back the product with a 10 year limited warranty on the aluminum frame, 5 years on the gasket materials and 3 years on the vinyl.