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EZ Storm Customers include:

  • Homeowners who want to keep their current windows.
  • Condominium owners who are unable to change out a window due to the condo association rules.
  • Renters, in apartments or houses who are unable to make a change but need to seal up the existing windows for added comfort and savings.


I am pleased to report my storm panels survived the inland effects of Hurricane Sandy yesterday. We had some pretty strong wind gusts throughout the day and night yesterday. We sat on our porch watching TV with a small electric fireplace on. We were quite comfortable despite blowing rain with gusts I would estimate at 45-50 MPH at times. The window film stretched and billowed inward up to 3 inches sometimes. There was no detectable leakage around the seals, including the bottom where I applied the foam tape as per our earlier discussion. Today the panels look fine as if nothing had happened. We are very happy with your product which performed beautifully.

Coatesville, PA


I had serious drafts coming from two gas fireplaces, due to improper construction that would be cost-prohibitive to fix. After Don installed EZ panels on them, the drafts were completely eliminated! It has made an enormous difference in the comfort level in the rooms, as well as lowering my heating bills. Thank you, EZ Storm Panels!

Thank you, Elaine F.
Royal Oak, MI


Hello Don,

I have Anderson double pane wood windows that over time have a slight draft. I had the EZ Storm Panels installed in the two rooms that are drafty and instantly (within a few hours) the rooms felt warmer with no drafts. Don was professional and courteous during the entire process, this type of personal customer service is something that is lacking in the world today.

Thank you Don for an excellent product and support!

Thank you, Rob K.
Grosse Pointe Park, MI


To: EZ Storm Panels,

Last winter we had Don made inside storms for the bay window in our breakfast nook. We have an old house and the windows are not only drafty, but they are not plumb. Don did an amazing job fitting the windows. They have stopped the drafts, and our breakfast nook is now very comfortable. When you look at the windows, you cannot tell that there are inside storms on them. We would recommend Don's windows to anyone. The price was right and the results wonderful.

Don and Helen M.,
Grosse Pointe Farms


Hi Don,

Our EZ Storm Panels have turned out to be a great low cost solution to a long standing problem. Our house has its original 1931 Fenestra steel frame windows that are very drafty. My wife has steadfastly resisted replacing our windows with modern thermopanes as she feels strongly they would diminish our home's architectural appeal. I have not found any exterior storm windows compatible the Fenestra's construction that are worth the price. The EZ Storm panels have completely eliminated drafts while providing a barrier of insulation that is reducing our heating costs. They are exceptionally well made with quality materials. All panels were successfully tailored to fit each window and are hardly noticable once in place. Flexible side gaskets, top and bottom moveable trim, provide a tight fit while the panels remain easy to install and remove. Our order was completed the day promised and installed by Don Veryser himself. We could not be more pleased with the results.

Phil W.
Grosse Pointe Farms


An unsolicited testimonial for EZ STORM PANELS:

I have spent the last several winters covering the windows in my enclosed porch with the plastic film kits that I would buy from Home Depot, and each year I would think that there has to be an easier way. I wanted a better solution that would be easy to install yet allow me the flexibility to uncover the windows in the early winter and late winter months when we invariably get warm days where I would like to be able to open the windows for a few hours in the afternoon. I read about the concept of using “air-panels” on line and went to work making my own prototype, but in the end it proved more expensive to construct than I had expected, and it took me several hours to complete which wasn’t acceptable since I had a large number of windows to insulate.

I did some searching on the web and found a few companies that manufactured air-panels for consumers and after exchanging e-mails and phone calls with each of them I had no difficulty deciding to go with EZ STORM PANELS from Vertec Sales Group. Don was not only very knowledgeable but he took the time to understand my specific window applications and gave me a very fair price which was actually less than the competitors. Don called and e-mailed me several times throughout the project and was extremely detail oriented so I knew that I was really getting a custom product. He was also extremely fast to respond to any questions or comments that I had.

In less than two weeks time the panels were shipped to me and I can say that Don put as much effort into the packing as he did into his product. Each of the panels fit perfectly which was a testament in its own to Don’s work, especially when you consider that none of my windows were exactly the same and several of them were not square. Not only are the panels easy to install and remove in seconds but they look like a part of the window and nothing like the cheap plastic film taped to the frames that I had been accustomed to. The vinyl that he uses is also much thicker than the plastic in the store-bought film kits so there is less concern for tears and no need to use a hairdryer to make it tight after it is in place. Most importantly, the panels have eliminated the condensation that I would normally have on the inside of my windows and help to keep the room much warmer.

In the end I am extremely pleased with my EZ STORM PANELS and I know that they will pay for themselves in a few short years in terms of annual material costs, time saved, and energy savings. It is really a wonderful product.

Tom Z.
Pawling, NY


To Don,

We can't compliment you enough about the outstanding job you did. Building interior storm windows in our old sunroom was a very difficult task. With many different size jalousie windows that are out of square, we knew this was going to be a challenge. We've had many compliments on your workmanship and would certainly recommend your services to others. Thank you again.

Randy & Fran
Harper Woods


Dear Don,

Kathy and I were afraid to go to a new contractor for window inserts for our condo, but our fears were quickly settled after we realized what a perfectionist you are about your product. Not only are the EZ Storm panels exactly what we wanted, but the professionalism with which you did the work was very comforting to both of us.

We are very pleased with the quality of the panels, the ease of installing, removing and storing them for the summer. Just as important was the competitive price. For the quality and service we consider it a bargain. Now, we can open the drapes to let the sun in without worrying about the heat loss.

We will not hesitate to recommend Vertec Sales Group to friends and neighbors who maybe in the market for window inserts. Thank you again for your fine work.

Sincerely, Lee and Kathy S.,
Wixom, Michigan



When we purchased this house, which was built in 1964, we knew that many updated projects were needed. Energy efficient windows was one of those projects. We kept putting off the "new" windows. We both agreed that we liked the old windows, so we looked for alternatives. We found EZ Storm Panels listed in my area.

Don, the owner, custom made the vinyl insert panels for each window. The difference felt, in the temperature of the coldest room, was immediate!

This is the second year for the panels. They are easy to insert and remove. It saved us thousands of dollars!! Thank you Don for such a quality product.

Eugene and Carole H.
Eastpointe, MI



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