Sneeze Guards

Help keep your employees safe and business open with EZStormPanels Sneeze Guards. Our products offer unrivaled coverage, extending up to 4ft to form a complete infection control barrier.

Our innovative design allows for larger panels and better coverage, at about half the cost of an acrylic barrier. Our panels can be custom ordered or are also available in standard sizes if you need them ASAP.

We can supply sneeze guards for your countertop restaurant or shop, grocery, pharmacy, hospital, or banking needs. Our panels feature cushion edge, satin anodized finish for the modern office. They can be placed on a desk in a portable fashion, fixed to a tabletop, or hung from the ceiling.

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  • Custom Shipping & Storage Box – Sturdy construction of 1” wood frame with chloroplast sides
  • All Stainless & Aluminum Hardware
  • DIY Installation. Available with or without screw-in brackets.
  • We offer the standard colors below but can accommodate many custom colors via request. All coatings are durable powder coatings.



I’m running an essential business during this Coronavirus crisis and it’s essential that I provide my employees a safe place to work during too. I can’t ask my team to put themselves at risk and I knew I had to find something to protect them while still serving our customers.

These panels were a godsend. They’re quick to install. Offer superior coverage at a fraction of the cost. And most importantly they’re easy to clean. At the end of a shift we can spray them down with industrial cleaner and they’re ready for tomorrow’s customers.

Thank you for the quality and affordable solution.