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We like to keep you posted on the latest innovations from EZ Storm Panels. So, whenever new and creative products are developed we will feature them here on our Home Page.

We keep ourselves open to the latest materials and designs being offer in the market and like to make them available to our customers. Sometimes it will be a new material, other times it will be a new application of a current product, either way check back with us to see what’s new at EZ Storm Panels.

Shipping our products nationwide


We ship nationwide and have served 31 states since 2017.

Help us fill in the map! We will provide shipping to the first new customers of new states (up to a $150 value).

For free estimate, contact us at (313) 469-9680

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Our new logo!

We’re excited to share a fresh logo for EZ Storm Panels.
The ‘green’ in the logo represents a sustainable product, ‘yellow’ is for warmth and energy savings. The bold outline symbolizes the integrity of our seals. The shield stands against the STORM.

Screen Porches – interior or exterior mounting

EZ Storm Panels specializes in easy to install interior panels. Our panels are perfect for turning your screen porch into a three or four season room!

Our window and screen porch insulation products stop weather, dust, pollen and improve the comfort of your space. EZ Storm Panels also produces exterior storm panels when a project is better suited for it. EZ Storm Panels can be mounted to various structures, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl.

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EZ Storm Panels is committed to both quality and affordability.

Proudly made in Detroit, Michigan.

EZ Storm Panels are interior storm panels that provide an attractive & affordable solution to drafty windows. Get the performance of double-pane insulation without needing to replace your existing windows.

EZ Storm Panels feature a patented frame and special Santopreme side gaskets for sealing, making installation a breeze. They are ideal for historic buildings, and our designer color options ensure that they’ll attractively blend in with your existing window treatments.

All panels are crafted to your unique window openings, and we can even work with “out of square” frames.

The average time from order to delivered product is just 2 to 3 weeks. We deliver to all 48 contiguous states.

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